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Saturday, April 24, 2010

Manners and Responsibility

I really respect the hard work it is to raise a child or children. I have a lot of respect for parents. Its not easy in any respect.
Of course the early years, you feed them, clothe them, haul them, educate them and protect them.
I get that.
You put your heart and soul into it.
By the time they reach early teens, you hope they have learned some valuable life lessons and some social skills that will serve them well as they grow into adulthood.
Again, its not easy, I know and get that.
However, for the love of god, if your kids don't have any manners, are basically just obnoxious little punks who need supervising, then please supervise them.
Don't let them go out to public places like movies where grown ups just want to go out for a night of entertainment and relaxation. We don't want to have to listen to your 12 year old bang and fight and play with his friends. We don't want to have to discipline your child in a crowded theater because you don't want or care to take responsibility for what you brought into this world.
We don't want to embarrass or intimidate your child into behaving because you won't.
But we will.
So please, if your kids haven't learned how to behave in public, supervise them. Don't make me do that job for you. I'm not your babysitter. I'm not their counselor. I'm just there to enjoy my night out with my loved ones. Don't ruin and take that away from me.
And theater owners, take responsibility for your establishment. Charge me an extra 50 cents a ticket and put an usher in the theater to handle these punks so us good citizens and your customers don't have to do it.
What you don't realize is you don't have monopoly on the movie game anymore. I can rent it, download it and consume it pretty much anywhere and anytime I want to these days. If you give me a good reason not to come to your establishment, then I will. You already make me pay $15 for two hot dogs, some popcorn and two pops. You already make me watch 25 commercials that I wouldn't even watch at home. You already show me the same movie previews every time I come.
Don't push your luck, your on a very short leash as it is.

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  1. I'm lucky. I have never gone to a movie where teenagers are misbehaving. Sometimes the little ones will cry and that is a fact of life.

    Maybe because I never go to the movies later than the 7 o'clock showing.



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