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Monday, April 26, 2010

Photos of naked girls

Many people over the years have aspoused that photos of naked girls served no real purpose.
Sure, middle aged husbands and young boys got something out of it, and some older men got rich selling it, but otherwise what purpose would be served.
In addition, there is a long standing argument that it demeans and degrades women by objectifying them. And furthermore, it can lead to some young girls becoming self conscious due to poor body image by comparison.
But today, photos of naked girls have finally revealed the whole game plan, the reason that all along they needed to be published.
It was reported today that Hugh Hefner, the guru of the naked girl photo, has taken a portion of his wealth to save the Hollywood Sign.
So there, to all of you over the years who claimed there was no reason or plan as to why these pictures needed to be taken, you now have it.
Just remember, there is always a reason things happen. Sometimes it just takes 60 years to reveal itself.

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