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Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Making Assumptions

Many times in life, we know certain things about certain people that we can't share. As stand up people, we have been told things and gave our word not to speak about them.
It would be very easy, and sometimes very personally beneficial to say what you know, because in most instances it would make us look better if all the people we know knew all the facts we know.
But, our word is our word, and we must stick to it if we are to have any shred of credibility.
Because we keep these things to ourselves, it is only natural that the third party viewer will make assumptions based on perceived facts they see.
The reality is, they don't really know the true, whole story, and their assumptions are just clearly wrong.
We can't help that and it really is their issue. If they wish to judge us or others based on these half truths or stories, there is little to do about that.
I myself, will always keep what is said in private private and take whatever flak comes from that.
I know the truth, and know that until you know the whole really don't know anything.

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