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Friday, August 12, 2011

Investments: Buy high and keep high.

In my time, I have invested well. Both on a financial and emotional level.
The key in my mind when buying stocks or bonds or any kind of financial instrument is to look at it as an investment that grows over time and can provide you with long term success. I think for the most part I have always done that. That is why I have been successful with most of them and have the comfortable life I now enjoy.
Investing in people is no different. Some come in like a whirlwind, and give you great thrills and laughs. As time goes on though, they fade away and can't live up to that initial high.
Investing yourself emotionally in someone is a very risky thing to do. It's a must. We must all do it. But still, you are putting yourself out there and leaving yourself open to some serious hurt if it all collapses.
Being on facebook, I have learned that getting connected on an emotional level with those you don't know well is just playing with fire. Sometimes you are lucky and don't get burned. A lot of times you do. It won't stop me from doing it in the future, mostly because I have been rewarded with many great friends who I can count on and who can count on me, but I have learned to be a lot choosier about who I let in on that level. Sadly, many just cannot maintain that emotional connection over time. Simply put, they are a bad investment.
As I move forward, I aim to choose better people to invest in and then maintain that investment with the kind of honesty and hard work it takes to make any investment grow over time. For those who prove to be bad investments, I will simply sell, take my loss, and re invest in those who will help my personal portfolio grow.

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