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Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Hey...Shut Up

I think Bonnie Raitt said it best. "Hey, Shut Up."

Read an article this morning where Charlie Sheen is ragging on his former show Two And a Half Men.
Do I agree with him? Probably. I haven't watched the show for a few reasons. First, I have always hated Ashton Kutcher as an actor. He does nothing for me. Anything he is in, I will not see. That would be a deal breaker right there.

Dude, where's my talent?

Nevertheless, for me, if the Charlie Sheen character is not there, the show is over. Like him or hate him, and most of us actually just feel sorry for him, he was the whole show. The rest of the parts revolved around him being there. You simply can't take him out of the mix and expect the show to survive.

However, for him to rag on them because the show is lame is really just an idiot calling something stupid. He is the one who created this mess, when he went completely off the deep end. He forced a juggernaut to try and right the ship when he so suddenly went crazy and left them with no choice but to fire him.
Make no mistake, he caused all this. Should the show be terminated? Yes. Will they do it? No. Is it all Charlie Sheen's fault? Absolutely.
So, in the interest of any future career you hope to have, I advise you, Charlie Sheen, to shut the fuck up. Nobody wants you to tell them the obvious. We all get it. The best you could do is lay low and hope that you catch a break and turn it back around. The more you talk, the more poisonous you seem and the less likely you are to ever do anything great again like you did on Two And A Half Men.

If I was a studio exec, I would never hire him again. At best he is a ticking time bomb with a short fuse. At worst he is a show killer who forces you to scramble once he opens his big yapper. He will never again be worth the trouble he brings.
We don't expect you to be Two And a Half Men, but it would be great if you could be just one decent man.
So far, you are not even close.

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