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Thursday, November 17, 2011

Give Credit Where Credit Is Due

I enjoy going to the movies.
Sure, there is always those obnoxious teenage girls with their giggling and texting. I get that I will always have to deal with that since the Blackberry was invented.
I am resigned to the fact that I will have the back of my seat kicked a few times during the movie if I don't get there early enough to get a seat in the last row. I now make that effort as I just can't stand those how are that inconsiderate enough to do that. While I am brash and brave enough to tell them to "cut that shit out" I really don't want to deal with that when I am out to be entertained and have fun.
There is always the latecomers who can't be bothered to get there early, who still want to get great seats and have to interrupt the people who did and ask "is this seat taken?". Have always had to deal with them. Always will.
Of course, the excessive price of a movie these days is just the reality of the times. If Brad Pitt makes 20 million a film, and now wants 25 million, someone has to pay for that. I accept that as the reality of the day, just as going to a baseball game will now cost 150 bucks when all is said and done. Chocolate bars aren't 10 cents anymore either. Inflation is what it is.
Nowadays, I have to sit through 10 to 15 commercials. HATE THAT. But what can you do? All I do is note what and who they are, and refuse to buy any products related to them. I don't buy Coke or any of their products because they now have pissed me off. Revenge is mine and it is sweet.
But what has always bothered me most about the movies is the credits. And it has gotten much worse. These days, before you are one minute into the movie, you have to see five or six companies tell you how they were involved on some level in the movie. If that weren't bad enough, then you get another 3 or 4 minutes of credits. The actors, the director, the writers, some lower level actors, who wrote the score..etc..etc..etc.
Being someone who is creative, I appreciate who these people are and I want to know who was responsible for the product I will spend the next 2 hours watching. But, I came to see the product, not the credits.
I say, put all the credits at the end of the movie. I will be glad to stay and read those. I actually do that. And anyway, with the internet these days I can just go home and find out anything and everything about that movie then. And I do that as well. I paid for the movie, I want the movie. Not the credits. I am the customer dammit. Give me what I want.

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