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Friday, November 25, 2011

If you want results, this is how you do it.

 Is greed good? I don't think most people would say that it is. But in this one instance, if used properly, it can be good for some.
The stock market these days is based on greed. Not on the greater good, but simply on the premise that investors always want to make more. Some is never enough. They must make more. To do that, they need capital. The need for greed is a weakness that can be exploited by those at the lower level to affect real change.

I think it is great that some are trying to affect change. I truly believe that the Occupy Wall Street, and all of the secondary Occupy protesters have their heart and minds in the right place. They mean well and want true change.
Sadly, what they are doing will not get any results.
Only one thing matters to those who control the money system. The flow of money, of capital and the ability to make more money off of it.

What most do not realize is that they are part of the system they abhore, and therefore, part of the problem.
If most really understood the stock market system, they would know that almost everything that happens there is driven by large mutual funds. In that respect, we are all part of it. Very few of us don't have a mutual fund. We put money in these funds with hopes of a steady return so we can have a long and happy retirement.
If we truly want to change the system, without breaking the system and therefore only hurting ourselves, there is only one way to make that happen.

We need to only invest in funds which meet our moral goals. If we want to invest in companies that don't send jobs overseas, then we need to pick funds that have only those. If we want to encourage companies to go green and consider the health of the environment when they make decisions, then we need to get educated and find out who they are, and then support them with our investment so they can compete. 

Those who control the money will take notice of this. Money talks, bullshit walks.

We have all heard that before. If the big power players see that the flow of money stops, they will alter their behavior on their own. There is no need to march down any street and Occupy anything. It won't make one bit of difference. The powers that be won't change one iota of their behavior because of it and will just ride it out until it fades off. But if their fund starts to lose capital, they will change immediately.
There is real suffering out there.  There is no doubt about that. Based on the state of nations finances now, it is going to get much worse before it gets any better. That is the reality that almost all will face.
It will be up to those who stand up for the greater good to take some major short term pain. Investing in funds that don't include the richest and most successful companies means a much lower return on investment now, but likely a much better future for your children and grandchildren.
Marching down Wall Street and parking your ass is noble, but how many are willing to take real pain when they get back home?
How many are willing to stop shopping at Walmart? How many are willing to make less on their investments now so the system can be changed?
I started this blog with the "Greed is good" clip. This mentality has gone on for many decades, and Wall Street, the movie, showed in real terms that buying a company, breaking it up, selling the parts and eliminating jobs is a strategy that makes big money for those who do it.
The only way to stop this behavior is to take the money supply away from those who do this, and those who take that profit and then buy politicians and control media. 
Going higher up the food chain and destroying the pyramid that rides underneath it is the only way to create real long lasting change.

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