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Wednesday, April 18, 2012

You're going on a diet. Ok, what time is it?

When I was growing up,we were told  that eating too much red meat was bad for you. It caused obesity, high cholesterol and heart attacks. Drinking milk was good. It was high in calcium and fortified with important vitamins and minerals.  In the last few years, the new buzz word is "no trans fat". You could sell molded bread to a mother to feed to her kids if you put that on the label of the package.
About ten years ago, if your name was Atkins, and you wanted to sell books, you told everyone to avoid carbs. Bakers all over the world were nervous that their once rock solid business was going to hell.
These days, who knows what is good for you or bad for you. Ask ten different experts and you get ten different answers.

So, below, are 5 tips I will give you, based on my vast 47 years of observation of people.

1) Experts know fuck all..that is what they know. What they claim today, they are likely to change tomorrow. With them, if you are going on a diet, the correct question is "What time is it?"

2) Eat less calories and exercise more, and that diet will always work.The rest is just chatter and semantics.

3) Don't eat if you aren't hungry. Try not to eat too much in the morning when you first get up..or too much..or at all before you go to bed. You don't need calories at that time and you are just likely to store them..and hence..gain weight. We are all used to eating because we want to, because we are used to doing it. Not because we are hungry. If it is dinner time, and you aren't hungry, don't eat.

4) In most cases, being fat is not genetic. You eat too much and don't burn it off, you will get fat. We learned that in grade school with the hibernating bears. We are built to store fat, that is how we would have survived in the wild before we discovered how to organize our civilized lives for the better. You don't see animals in the wild who are obese. If they were, they would die because they are too slow and would get eaten. All of us are built to store fat. So, don't store it if you are not going to need it.

5) Eat too much of any particular food group, and that is not healthy for you.  Bread is fine. Meat is fine. Sugar is fine. Fat is fine. Candy is fine. Everything is fine if you just have some balance. I have eaten candy, and red meat and bread and everything else, all my life. It has never hurt my health. I have never had high blood pressure, or high cholesterol, or any other malady because of what I eat. I eat lots of candy, yes, but I eat lots of vegetables and fruits and proteins and everything else I need. The only reason I am overweight now is simple. I stopped exercising as much as I used to and I kept eating the same amounts. That is not rocket science. That is common sense.

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