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Friday, May 4, 2012

Friday Writing Sample

"Get down, now!" I shouted to Ritchie.

Bang. Bang. Bang.

Gunfire everywhere.  Everyman for himself. Few would make it out of this gunfight alive on both sides. I grabbed the gun of my downed compatriot, now gone for good and began shooting. There were only four of us left now. Two of them and two of us. A quick shot and one was dead. One left to kill and I have made it through another battle. Ritchie lay there beside me, wounded but still breathing. Blood gushing everywhere. Only one left to kill or capture and then I could get Ritchie back to camp. I ducked in the hole and lay in wait. As the Japanese soldier came towards me I shot him, in the leg. It was the best shot I had so I took it. He was now downed. I would live through this battle. I ran over and took his gun, then checked. He was still alive. I could not bring both him and Ritchie back to the camp. Ritchie was now sitting up, still bleeding but managing to survive. I reached over to the Japanese soldier. He looked at me with the eyes that know when they know.  I had killed many in this war with a gun, but never seen one die up close. I pushed him over on his stomach, then squeezed the life of out him. My first kill with my bare hands. I had thought about it back home but had never done it before. But this was war and I could get away with being a ruthless killer here. Ritchie just looked with wonder at what he saw. We both never mentioned it again.

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