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Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Lexulous Life Lessons: Don't Re Invent the Wheel

Many times when I play Lexulous I run into the sticky types. Those people, who have a certain idea on how Scrabble, and in this case Lexulous should be played.
Many don't like the two letter words. They think that scrabble involves making the biggest word you can. They are very vocal in their displeasure about you making those words and feel you an inferior player for employing that strategy.

 The fact of the matter is that the game allows it because they are legitimate words. If it really bothered them, they should invent a game that excludes those words. Just because you don't like the rules of the game, doesn't mean they aren't valid. A good player takes advantage of every edge they can get. A two letter word is a word. Lexulous is a game about making words. Any words. If you think the goal is to make the biggest word possible,  then you simply don't understand the game.
 This also means that some players use Word Generators. For those that don't know, a Word Generator is an online tool,  for which you can plug in all your available letters and the board conditions and it will tell you the best possible play. Many consider this cheating. Technically, it is not cheating at all. The rules don't prohibit it.
Personally, I state upfront to anyone new that I am playing that I don't want to play anyone using a Word Generator. I have no problem with them using it, but I don't want to play them. It is like playing a computer. I also don't want to use one, and to play anyone using this tool is a certain loss. It is like playing with both hands tied behind your back.
In that same vein, I have no problem with anyone stating up front that they don't want to play someone who makes many two letter words.  I can just avoid them. But, if they play me,  pick me off the list of available players,  then they are accepting that I will play those words. The game allows it and a word is a word to me.

 So, how does this relate to life and what is the lesson here?
Don't re-invent the wheel. Play the game of life within the rules that are there. Just because you don't like the rules doesn't mean that you don't have to respect them.  To do otherwise give an advantage to everyone else who follows those rules.
 If you want to change the way things are in life,  then change them.  If you want to participate in a game that someone else created,  then you play by the rules they set out. Or don't play.

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