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Monday, May 14, 2012

Movie Review: Think Like A Man

Think Like A Man has very significant flaws in it. I could bring all those up in my review,  but I wont. 

I am rating it as a 7 out of 10.  It isn't the best movie I have seen, but it is pretty good and worth your time and money to go see it.

Meagan Good. Yup, she is good...and she is hot.

 The movie is very funny. The jokes and the setups and cliches are very good. The entertainment factor of this movie is very high.

Kevin Hart.  A good stand up, but his act doesn't hold up on the screen. Too much over the top for me.

The acting and most characters were very good. I thought Kevin Hart, while a pretty good performer, was quite a bit over the top in most scenes. Chris Brown had a bit part, and since he is a total pig I don't like to see him in anything.

 The one friend, the only one who is white is the only one who is stable and has a good relationship. I thought that was very easy to do and actually very demeaning in many ways. I know many white men who have tons of problems,  and many black men who don't. It borders on racism to some extent.

Gary Owen. The "white guy". Apparently white guys don't have problems with women.

They went for the complete happy ending. That was very much disappointing. For a book and movie about dating and relationship advice, it surely didn't stick to any part of reality. Big letdown that they went for that. I thought it undermines the film. At least one of the five stories should have ended badly, but they all get the happy ending. Corny and stupid are words that come to mind.

 Steve Harvey.  Yes, he wrote the book the movie is based on and he is one of the producers of the movie. I get that he should get screen time. Having him appear at the start, in an Oprah style talk show makes sense. Having him appear at the end in some capacity would have made sense. To have him appear about every 10 minutes did not. I distracted from the plot and the flow of the movie.  Big mistake. Hurt the film quite a bit. I guess he didn't realize that this wasn't family feud.

 All in all, I recommend you go see it.
Could this have been a much better movie? Yes. The fact that it isn't doesn't terribly take away from the enjoyment you will get from seeing it. They could  have done better, but they did good enough. Seeing as Hollywood is involved,  that is not surprising.

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