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Friday, June 8, 2012

For me to know and everyone else to

When we were growing up, there was a popular saying.

"That's for me to know and you to find out."

In today's social network world, many have decided that isn't applicable anymore.
It's a social network. Yes, that is what Facebook is. Just as in life, some things you share out in public, some things you don't.

"Simply put, social media is changing the way people interact. In many cases it's a bumpy ride. All that personal information being shared with people we have never even met. With consequences down the road which are impossible to predict."

 -Anne Marie McDonald on Doc Zone

If you like kinky sex, whips and chains, or whatever it is that is your fetish, you certainly don't go blabbing that around to everyone you know in the world. You share with people what you want them to know. Personal and private used to be a concept that most of us knew and were raised with. Sadly, that seems to have flown out the window with the Internet age. Even older people who should know better can't seem to keep their bidness to themselves.
Do I need to know the trouble you are having with your spouse? No, I don't. And you shouldn't be sharing that on the open market. 

"a stuck up cow"

-that is what Cameron Reilly, a guard whose job it was to guard Kate Middleton, wrote about her on his facebook page, for all to see.

Should you whine about your boss or your job on Facebook? Absolutely not. You have a problem with them, you deal with them, or chat with your friends in private about it. Otherwise, it is a good way to get yourself fired . Don't think that your employer isn't watching what you post..about them...or about anything. They are.

Ray Lam, who wanted to run for government in British Columbia had this photo from high school come back to bite him later. He had posted it on his Facebook page years earlier.

I did lots of crazy stuff when I was a kid. Teenage stuff. We all did. Your kid did something really bad. So what. Nobody knows or needs to know. I am sure in the future that they don't want it out there that they did this or that. The fact is, once it is out there, it is out there for good. There is no delete button on information on the internet. You put it out there, it is out there for good.

"For generations we've been able to move on from bad or dumb things we have done. But in Facebook social forgetting is a lot harder because that photo of that dumb thing you did is still there. It doesn't degrade makes it harder to move on from something you did in the past"

-Clive Thompson from Facebook Follies documentary

The need to share. We all share on facebook. It is the nature of social media to share. But what should we share? I share a lot. It appears I share everything. But I don't. I don't talk much about my personal life and that of my family or my past. There is lots you don't know about me, and unless you are a very personal friend, you wont ever hear any of it.

 I just don't understand how people on Facebook, and Twitter and the internet at large don't understand the tool they are using, or misusing in this case. 
Sadly, they don't understand it either, until it comes back to bite them.

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  1. People have forgotten the rule of never sharing your dirty laundry in public. I have friends I share personal information with and still there is a risk.



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