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Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Lexulous Life Lessons: Results Don't Lie

We all complain at one time or another that we have shit luck. Things just aren't going our way. That can happen. I don't deny that.
But mostly,  we get the results we get because we deserve them.
I used to lose a lot when I first started playing Lexulous. At one point I was 1 and 27. For a very competitive person and a born achiever, that was a very bitter pill to swallow. I didn't give up, but I wasn't very motivated to keep playing. I knew I was better than that,  but the results were not showing it. And results don't lie. If you lose 27 of 28 games, you suck. There is no getting around that. The luck of the tiles does not go against you that often to justify that.
At that point, I had played a guy who was really good. He had 2700 wins and only about 20 losses. He was clearly one of the best players out there.  The first four or five games with me, he whipped me.  Soundly. I was never in the game from start to finish. The next game, I took a bit of care to play better, to make better scores and I also noted and watched every move he made. He still beat me, reasonably handily, but I was a bit closer and I learned a few things.  The next game, he beat me again but I was competitive. I noted again how he took me and I was confident I could beat him at some point.
As all this was going on, I also started to beat others who had been beating me. I was now the better player. I had pretty much figured out what works and what you needed to do to be a better player and win more than your share. Within a week I now had a winning record for which I never turned back.
As I played that fantastic player again, I was careful to make sure I played a flawless game.  Which I did. I totally demolished him and had an answer for every move he made. I was now the puncher and he was the counter puncher. When the end of the game came, he was soundly beaten and from that point I became one of the toughest players to beat in Lexulous land.
So, what is the life lesson here?
If you want to be good at something,  figure out what works and then start doing that. If you are doing something wrong, you can clearly see that if you are paying attention. Develop a strategy for success and then execute it. It is what the winners do in life. Ups and downs happen, and you can't control that.  You can control the rest of the variables. When you do that, you will achieve your goals. Results don't lie, they validate your effort and strategy.  Either way.

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