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Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Lexulous Life Lessons: Take the time

When I was growing up, there was a commercial that was local to Canada for Brador beer.  Most of you have never heard of that brand, but it was very popular in the 1960's and 1970's. The slogan went something like this"

"Brador, take the time"

The indication was that their beer was better because they took the time to brew it right and you would enjoy it better and longer because you took the time to find a better beer.

Recently, I lost a game because I made my move too fast.  It was a very good move, so I was happy with it and just played it. Sadly,  it wasn't good enough. I could have made an extra 20 points if I had taken the time and care to look, and make a great move instead of just a very good move. I ended up losing that game by 15 points. It is something I have done way too much.
In life, we all do that. We do what is "good enough" and whatever we can do under the circumstances. That is fine when we must do that, for various reasons, but after a while we make it a habit. Because of that, we underachieve and never reach our full potential.
Now, I am not saying ponder each and every move for hours, but just take a little more care and attention to get it right. A few seconds can go a long way to a bright future of success. You have to pick your spots. But, the key is picking those spots. When you get to the point that you don't even bother to do that anymore you have settled into a comfort zone that leads to no further advancement for yourself.
In life, we can do the same. Sure, you can't think over everything in life to the point it paralyzes your every move, but at times a little careful thought might lead to less problems down the road. There is a time and place and certain things don't need too much thought. What to have for dinner tonight or where to go to have fun don't need much thought. But, should I really buy that house? Can I afford it? Do I need to go back to school so I can improve myself?
Maybe what you have for dinner tonight isn't the important question. Maybe the right question is: Why do I keep eating this way, in this unhealthy way which leads to all the health and lifestyle problems I have? and...How can I change that systemic problem so I can better my life?
Taking a little extra time now to "get it right" can go a long way to making your dreams, goals and hopes come to true. They might not anyway, but they are more likely to.

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