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Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Lexulous Life Lessons: You can't please Everybody So Stop Trying To

I like to play steady. Being that I do, I seek out like minded players who also do the same. I find if you don't do that, then it is hard to stay in the flow of the game. When you play as many games as I do at any given time and also have a strong desire to win and do your best, that comes with the territory.
In some ways, that puts a bit of pressure on yourself. To play steady and play your turn on a very consistent basis means sometimes you don't get your work done. Of course, when you don't play your turn when others expect you to you hear from them, because they are similar to you and expect you to play steady.
I think we all have the basic instinct to please others, and in many instances that comes at the expense of your own happiness and personal health at times. It is a tough thing to be selfish and look after yourself first. Being selfish has a negative tone to it, but in many respects it is a positive thing. You can't really help and consider others if you wont do that for yourself as well.

"you can't please everyone so you got to please yourself"

-Ricky Nelson

So, my Lexulous Life lesson for the day:
Trying to keep up with playing all the time because you want to please others is not realistic. you cant please everyone all the time and you shouldn't try. Do what is realistic and the best you can relative to all the other factors in your life and seek out those who understand that.

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  1. how can i achieve any consistency within this lexulous game???


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