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Monday, August 13, 2012

This is it!

Today I woke up with purpose. I am an achiever. At least I used to be. I got things done. I was known for that. For quite a while now I have not gotten things done.
I make lists, I have goals. I start tons of projects, but I finish pretty much none of them. I have talent. Major talent. But I am wasting it. I know that. But not anymore.
I have the odd good day,  or a few hours, but on a consistent basis I don't. I fail. I get distracted. I get lazy. I fail. I fail myself. I know that. I could blame people, or things. But I wont. It is on me. I am the one who is entirely responsible for that. And I am the one who needs to create the change.
If I am a writer, then I need to start being a writer and complete the works and get them out there. If I am going to fix this house up, then I need to get that done. Talk is talk.  Bullshit walks.
If I am going to get this old body back in shape, then enough talk. Time to do it.
This is it! Either I do it or I shut up about it already. I need to have purpose again and I will have purpose again.

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