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Sunday, September 9, 2012

Interesting videos

Bernie Madoff was not that smart. He was just smart enough to figure out that the easiest way to be a con man and get away with it is to play on peoples biggest weakness. That weakness is their willingness to look the other way and not ask questions in the name of greed. We all know that if it looks too good to be true, it is, but when you are rolling in the good times,  you decide to forget that life lesson they teach you when you are very young.

In this documentary, they show how Walmart has taken advantage of and capitalized on technology and business practices and used them for the wrong reasons to make a huge profit while exploiting people into complete poverty.

Most of us have heard of Tammi Terell, but very few of us know much about her. She had a few hits with Marvin Gaye in the late 60's, but in this 40 minute biography of her entire life, we learn where she came from, the significant obstacles she overcame to get where she did and why it all ended for her, at age 24, in 1970. Some would argue that if she had lived she would have been bigger and more famous than Diana Ross, and that she had as much or more talent than her.

Michael Franzese is a son of one of the highest ranking Mafia members in New York. He was born into the life and at one time was thought of as the guy would eventually become the next godfather. In this interview, he explains why he gave that up for a life completely the opposite of that. You will be gripped by his story.

In this documentary, it shows how the American Mafia came into being and how it created its own demise. It is a very thorough historical piece that goes from start to finish, to basically current day and covers wide territory.

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