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Sunday, September 9, 2012

She doesn't matter

Kind of short and to the point today. This is my opinion. You may agree. You may not. Not using any facts to support my argument today. Just a comment on the hype, the fluff, the media attention and diversion that is today's world. 

You know, it is really great that Michelle Obama is a great lady of great accomplishment who can speak well. Maybe one day she will follow in Hilary Clinton's footsteps and run for and possibly hold a very high office. Maybe they can even be running mates in 2016. An all female ticket, that would be interesting, just for the attention it gets alone.

Ann Romney. Yes, she comes off as uppity and a snob. Would I want her to hold a high public office? No. 

Does any of that matter? No, in my opinion it does not.  They aren't running for anything and I don't expect them to make any decisions that matter. One of them is the spouse of the next president of the United States. The other is the wife of the loser. No more, no less.

Jackie Kennedy was a woman that most admired for the class she seemed to project. I ask any of you to tell me what her political views were, what she stood for and what impact she had on anything other than fashion.

Betty Ford did some great things in her life, and has helped many people deal with very significant problems. Her husband was a horrible president who only got that title because he was associated with a total crook.

Yes, the first lady is interesting and we like to know about her. However, the fact is that we aren't voting for the first lady. We are voting for the President. I could care less what they say in their speeches.

If the first lady is Snooki or Mother Theresa, it really doesn't matter. She doesn't make the decisions and we have no reason to expect her to.

In terms of the campaign, she doesn't matter, one iota.

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