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Saturday, November 10, 2012

10 Random Thoughts

1. Sorry, I would respond to your stupid comments, but I am all out of stupid people responses. They are on back order. I will get back to you when my stock gets replenished.
2. Everything happens for a reason? What if some things don't happen for a reason. What if God just does shit for the hell of it because he was drunk texting the world?

3. The most soothing feeling in the world is when you are finished getting clean from your shower and you have about 10 minutes of hot water left,  so you just bask in that and gradually let it get hotter until you are high as a kite.

4. Don't engage someone unless you want to be engaged. Seems so simple,  yet, it isn't.

5. Why are so many of the ones with the smart phones incredibly stupid jackasses who cant realize we can hear them already?

6. When I was a kid and I had a boo boo,  nobody gave me a TV show.  I now feel like I missed out on my childhood experience.

7. Just remember. When you smother the fire, you put the fire out. Is that what you want to do? There is a lot to be said for a hot burning fire.
 8. A weak man bullies. A strong man outsmarts. Only one gains respect.
 9. I do my best thinking when I'm not trying to think.

10. People never want to talk about what has gone right. They always want to talk about what is still going wrong. That is the nature of people. Except those super happy, high on life people.

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