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Sunday, November 4, 2012

Dear Lame Overseas Guy: I can help you

 Dear Lame Overseas Guy: I can help you

No, I can't help you from being lame. No, I can't help you from being a male chauvinist pig. No, I can't help you get laid. No, I can't help you much at all.

But,  yes,  I can help you at least make some sense and make compliments to women that at least have some sense of  decency.  That is the least I can do. Since you were obviously raised by a bunch of wild animals in the deep recesses of the Amazon,  I feel it is my help you out. I feel I am blessed and I am giving back. I am "paying it forward".

What turns a woman on? Have you ever even thought of that?
Contrary to your popular belief, she isn't just thinking about your large cock 24/7. Yes, like most women,  she loves cock. But she doesn't need to see your cock. Not yet anyway. And not in her inbox. If she wants  it in her inbox, the real one, the wet one with a hole in it, she will ask for it when the time is right. If you send her a gross, highly inappropriate pic before that time, you are never getting in her inbox anyway. The truth is, with your lame strategy (when I say strategy, of course I mean your bullshit mindless tactic, as you have no actual strategy because it is beyond your intelligence level) the only action that fake large cock you just sent is going to get is a highly personal and romantic interlude with your palm.
She already knows she showed some cleavage and boobage. She knows she has great boobs. She doesn't need you to tell her how that turns you on and how you would suck her nipples hard. She already gets that. Just tell her she looks sexy. That is what she is looking for. You can describe in more detail your nipple sucking and boob stroking abilities if you ever actually get to touch them...not before.
Contrary to what your male dominated society told you,  she doesn't live to serve you,  pleasure you, wait on you hand and foot and make endless babies for you. If you are looking for that, then  you should go back to pursuing the women of your country who still will act in that way. I know, there aren't that many left of those either, because even they won't give in to that old way of living and thinking. Anything you say that makes her think you are still living under that false impression,  that the world still works like that,  is just a ticket out the door and a certain block on facebook. 
The whole point is to compliment, make her feel good, not like she needs to take a shower. Are you listening?
She is taking that shower, not to stick her finger inside herself while thinking of your large, fake cock, but to wash off that dirty feeling you just gave her.
Make her laugh. Make her think you don't just see her as a piece of meat, even though you do. Make her think you have some respect for women as more than just baby making and child rearing machines. Even though you don't,  at least put out some effort in that respect.
I hope this helps. I know it wont. But I felt obligated to do so. I am paying it forward. Feel free to ignore it and go backwards.
I have done what I can. I feel like I have done my good deed for the day. 

P.S. If all this fails, then feel free to go back to the Webcam girls who make you pay for their time and will tell you whatever you want to hear. They love to hear how you will fuck them, suck  them, lick long as the meter is running.

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