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Sunday, January 27, 2013

Kathleen Wynne is the new premier of Ontario: She shouldn't be.

Yesterday, the Province of Ontario got a new premier. For those Americans who don't know what that means, it means that we have a new Governor for the State. That is the exact equivalent.
Was their an election? No. Did the previous premier die? No. Did he get sick and was unable to continue his duties? No.
Why did this happen? Simply put, the previous premier of the province,  Dalton McGuinty, stepped down late in 2012. He did that because he was highly unpopular and there is a lot of talk that there are criminal charges coming for some very shady backroom deals he and his government are involved in.
Because of all that, The Liberal Party of Ontario held a leadership convention, of which only people who are members of that party get to vote, and determined that Kathleen Wynne will be the next leader of their party, and therefore the Premier of Ontario. Is that a good thing? In my opinion it is not. She was not elected by all the voters. In reality, the Liberal Party could elect Hitler and the populace could not stop it until they were forced to call an election when they term ran out. That is not ethical or democratic. Currently, it is legal, but that should change.
Here are some things you should know about Kathleen Wynne. She is an openly lesbian woman. Does that matter? Not really. Should it matter? Not really. It will matter to some of both sides. Some will never vote for her because of it, while others will vote for her just because of it. In reality she will gain more votes than lose votes because she is a lesbian. Very much in the same way that Barack Obama gained more than he lost because he is black. Not enough to win or lose either way. Not enough to make any difference either way. Personally, I don't care either way. 
She is a woman, obviously. Should that matter? No. For the same reasons as being a lesbian, in this day and age it is a negligible factor. Again, I don't care either way. It is just a fact, not a factor, as Lynne McCloud points out in the video below.

Here are the things that do matter. She is and has been a part of the McGuinty government, holding very senior positions and therefore, in line with the things he has done. On the record, she was not against any of them. So, what is the difference between her and him? Nothing. She stands for what he stands for and will do the same things. The things many Ontarians didn't want. Some would argue that she is just an extension of him, and since we voted him in, we should be okay with having her replace him. That just doesn't fly. We didn't vote for her, we voted for him. And we wanted him out. So we don't want her to take over. If we do, let's have a vote and see.
And most importantly, the people of Ontario didn't elect her to be Premier. They elected Dalton McGuinty. If the people want to elect Kathleen Wynne, then so be it. I don't think they do. The Liberals have more than worn out their welcome in the last 8 years. They have bankrupted this province like no other has ever before and they have done that while lining the pockets of their friends in scandal after scandal. They are even more incompetent than crooked, which is really saying something.
Dalton McGuinty bailed on the people, very shortly after winning the last election because he knows they wanted him out. The people didn't vote for Kathleen Wynne to govern their province. Personally, I think that if he resigns, which he did, then an immediate election should be called once a new Liberal Leader, now Kathleen Wynne, has been chosen. In the meantime, he should stay and do the job he ran for, was elected for and swore to do. 
Kathleen Wynne should not be the premier of Ontario as of this day. The people who decide that didn't vote for her to do that job. Not yet. Until they do, she shouldn't hold that position. It is a terrible flaw in our system and it must be corrected. 

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