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Saturday, February 23, 2013

When You Know It is Time to say goodbye to some good friends


I have a lot of very nice clothes.  Years worth that has been accumulated and rarely worn. I really have no reason to wear anything but really nice clothes. But....

Yes. That is me, far right, dressed up for my sisters wedding. It does happen.
 By my own admission, I am not a fancy dresser. I like it very casual. I am not above getting dressed up, but it is not in my nature and I don't make it a habit. When I head to the closet, I always go for the most comfortable. The state those are in, is not terribly important to me. Nobody would ever make the mistake of thinking I am a fashionista........

Yes, it happened 10 years later. Again. For my wedding.

My friends notice this. My mother noticed it. My wife has noticed it. To say I go to the closet is a bit of a misnomer anyway. Many times, what is hanging on the chair, if relatively still clean (maybe even not that clean) is just fine by me. How I present myself is not the highest priority for me. Never has been. Never will be......

This is me. Presentable, but more like what you can expect. Very casual. Still have that sweater, jeans and possibly the socks, but I don't wear them anymore.

The other day, at my Wednesday floor hockey game, my friend Ronnie from high school (still good friends more than 30 years later) noticed it and mentioned it. I wore my favorite sweater. Cream green with white and black stripes. A light sweater that suits just about all occasions. I think I have had it for about 15 years. And it shows. 

With my two nieces, in about 1996. Pretty much what you can expect. Still have that sweater,  those pants and probably the socks.

These clothes become like old friends. Comfortable friends. Great friends. That were. They used to be great. But time has worn on them. They are torn, ripped, shredded, faded. They simply can't give you what you need anymore.

It is time to move on from them. You know it. You are hanging on to them in the hopes you can make them last that little while longer, but you know the time is coming and the end is near. It is time to clean house.

Angelo and Angela's wedding. Yes, that is really their names. I am not making this shit up. No tie, btw. Sort of a compromise dressing up. I probably still have the socks I was wearing. Just sayin.

"I get by with a little help from my friends."

Just messing around Joan's house, around 1996. More like what you can expect from me. Loved this t-shirt. I think it finally died around 2006. Even I have limits.  Made a great rag though. Waste not, want not. I always say. And the socks? Nuff said.

My first pic on Facebook. Took it April 2010. Sweater was still in pretty good shape then, but on the left cuff you can already see some signs of damage.

Just a few months ago. It was still in okay shape.

As of today. It has been a cold winter. I don't know if this sweater makes it to spring, but it appears it will not live to see next winter. 

One Elbow
 I took a few photos for history to remember the sweater by. The time has almost come to say goodbye to my old friend. We had some great times together.

The collar. It is actually worse than this. The webcam didn't capture that.
 And finally, the worst of it. I do suppose I could cut the sleeves above the elbows and save it. We will see. But as a sweater, it has seen its last days.

The collar. This is one. Both are completely frayed.
The other one. Even worse. Even I would admit that. Borderline homeless person.

 Green And White Sweater. RIP. 2000-2013.

Don't even get me started on the old t-shirts and track pants. This blog is already long enough. Some friends just have to be best friends forever.


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  1. Love it - now I can gleefully tell my old rags, they're hanging around for another season or two or... Can't do anything less, they're old friends.


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