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Monday, March 11, 2013

That moment that writers all know

It started with a moment. That moment when you had an idea. Something, somewhere happened and you got an idea for a story, or a poem, or something creative. It could even be a song. 
You set yourself down to get going on it. In that moment you were in the zone. Surely you were excited. There is always excitement when you start a project with spark like that. You jumped completely into that phase where it just flowed.
Then, that moment passes and you are left with the hard work. Creating characters that weren't there. Some you formulate. Some just appear out of nowhere. Creating story. Or just letting story create itself as it flows out of you and onto the page. Then that moment comes again. Another great lightening bolt of inspiration.
As time passes it seems those moments are fewer and farther between. You just try to grind it all out. 
Then that moment we all dread hits. You have nothing. The story has stalled. It is going nowhere. And where it is now is not where you want it to be. Or, where you thought it would be. Nothing you do in that moment is going to make it better. If you are truly talented, time will make it better. Eventually. 
But waiting for that to happen is frustrating. Very frustrating. You begin to have doubts. Is this really going anywhere? Am I just wasting my time? Have I been wasting my time this whole time? Am I just delusional to think I am any good at this?
 But that moment passes. Usually a day or two later. A few good night sleeps. Maybe a few newer ideas come to you and you apply them. It excites you. You are back on it. You are living in the moment again.
Now we all reach that exciting moment. We are close to the end. It has all come together. Time to tie it up. Finish it. All that hard work, generated from one initial idea is coming together. Now, you go back through it. Touching it up. Editing here and there. Can you do any more with it? You want to just make it that much better. You hem and haw over that.  What more can I do with this? Should I change a plot direction here or there? Can it be better? Did I go the wrong way with this or that? The nagging doubts are now back. You are so close to the end. Should I keep playing with this? Am I too much of a perfectionist? Maybe I should just let it be. Take my chances. You gather your breath in those moments and walk away from it. If you have something else it will come to you. You always tell yourself that.
 The sun rises the next day. You now have one single purpose. By the time this day is done I am finishing this thing. The time has come. The moments are behind you now. It is time to let it go. But wait, you just have one more look.
Changes. That one last word. There has got to be one more word to change. Just a little tweak. I know I can make it better.
But then you reach that moment. That ultimate moment that all writers know. You have to let it go. Release it. No more changes. Put it out there. That instant when it goes from your work in progress to your work to be viewed. The finished product. Like sending your child out into the world for the first time where they fend for themselves. Your part is done. You let go. You have to let go. 
That moment when you print it out and send it off, or click publish and put it out there for the internetisphere to consume it.
That moment when it is now out there. That moment when it isn't yours anymore. It is theirs.  

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