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Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Note to Lisa Raitt. Maybe you have a mirror. Try looking at it before you spew.

As soon as Justin Trudeau got elected as the leader of the Liberal Party of Canada on Sunday, the Progressive (an oxymoron if I ever heard of one) Conservative Party was ready with attack ads for Monday morning. 
All they could come up with so far was a charity function, in which Trudeau raised money for a very good cause (Liver Cancer Research) to no personal gain for himself, by taking off his shirt and auctioning it off. This is supposed to be an example of his poor judgement. 

Does he have the judgement and experience to be the next leader? I have my doubts as well. But not because he gave his time and his name to a good cause and did what it took to help them. That is what people who care about causes do. I will tell you what they don't do. They don't go and attack others because they feel that is the only way they can maintain power, in spite of their pitiful record on the issues, the economy and on fairness in society. That is what they don't do. 
And they also don't act like total screwups and then go criticizing others.
The next day in the House of Commons lobby, Lisa Raitt, a fuckup if there ever was one, who has been an embarrassment to all Canadians for years, decided to speak about the whole thing.

 "The question isn't about the event. The question is about the person who went up on the stage. And took his clothes off."

-Lisa Raitt

Now, Lisa Raitt is no brain surgeon or rocket scientist. I don't think anybody who has a point of view wants her speaking on their behalf. But even in this simple case, even a dumbass like Lisa Raitt could see that if you use the event to show his lack of judgement, then you are saying that the event is part of the statement you are making. I am sure there are lots of other ways to show his lack of judgement. It was pure grandstanding by the Conservatives, and it has already started to backfire on them. Because Canadians are very tired of this tactic, a tactic that the Harper government used to rise to power and has used to maintain power. The problem is, they are a band of screwups who never get anything productive done. 
They came in with a balanced budget and a country full of rich resources and all they have managed to do is put us horribly deep in debt while doing virtually nothing about unemployment. 
And as for judgement, lets take a look at Lisa Raitt.
Here are just two of many incidents in which Lisa Raitt showed the kind of judgement and experience she has.

On June 2, 2009, CTV News reported that a folder of confidential and secret ministerial briefing documents had been left by Raitt or her staff at the CTV News Ottawa office for a week. CTV News chose to reveal the contents which listed the funding for the Chalk River nuclear reactor which had recently shut down, causing a shortage of medical radioisotopes. On June 3, the opposition parties demanded that the government fire Raitt or accept her resignation. Raitt claimed to have offered her resignation and that the offer was rejected by the Prime Minister. A ministerial aide, Raitt's 26-year-old director of communications, Jasmine MacDonnell, offered her resignation which was accepted.


Good to see that in the judgement of the Prime Minister, when a Minister in his cabinet can't even manage to handle documents, the right decision is to fire an aide and let her skate out of that.

The Ottawa Citizen and National Post reported Raitt's appearance at Lester B. Pearson Airport on March 22, 2012 and subsequent reaction by Air Canada baggage handlers was the reason a wildcat strike occurred the next day. According to Bill Trbovich, a spokesman for the International Association of Machinists and Aerospace Workers (IAMAW), Raitt was walking through the airport when three workers started “clapping and saying ‘Oh, great job’. Raitt is alleged to have asked the RCMP to ‘arrest these animals’. The strike caused widespread disruption to Air Canada schedule, causing flight cancellations and delays. Raitt refused to comment directly about the incident.


Apparently, this type of behavior and judgement is a good thing, in the judgement of Stephen Harper. 

On January 19, 2010, Raitt was moved from the Ministry of Natural Resources to the Labour Ministry. Prime Minister Harper publicly defended Raitt, saying she has "a great future."
I think it is time that both Stephen Harper and Lisa Raitt take a long look in the mirror before they undertake to spew about Justin Trudeau, when it seems his only mistake was attempting to help Canadian citizens who have liver cancer.

Stephen Harper: Canadians are watching you and we have had more than enough of your bullying and slandering others because you have some sort of Napoleon, Gordon Gekko complex and need to destroy others to maintain your status. 
I wasn't in Justin Trudeau's camp before, but you are pushing me in his direction now.
Good job with your attack ad. It sure worked well. Nice judgement call there.   


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