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Tuesday, April 16, 2013

They only win if you alter your behavior.

"Then the terrorists have won." You hear that catch phrase used by comedians all the time. But if you think about it, it is a profound thing to think about. I will start there in this blog.
Last weekend I finished up watching Flashpoint. I was a few seasons behind and I finally watched Season 5, which was the last season as the shows run ended. They went for the very big finish, which most shows do and which now seems very timely in light of yesterdays events in Boston. 
Here is an excerpt of a riveting speech from the last episode, one which grabbed my attention on Sunday, just a day before the bombs exploded at the Boston Marathon.

"You're probably aware that the city is facing an emergency situation. Two explosions, right in the heart of our city. I want you to know that we've got a lot of good folks on the case. Responders from the city and the surrounding regions are all working together to keep you safe and to keep everything under control.
Now, you're going to hear a lot of speculation and maybe some rumors, cause that's just what happens in a situation like this. Some of it may be alarming. But I want to tell you that the best way to stay safe is to stay calm and look out after each other.
Today is the kind of day that we will all look back at years from now and remember exactly where we were and what we did. But we have a chance to make choices here that we will be proud of. Today's the day that we did not let fear break us down and turn us against each other. This was the day that we took care of each other. The day that we said No to terror, together.
I want us all to think about how we want to remember this day. It's up to us.
I want to thank you for your attention. And for your courage."

Here is my take on what happened in Boston. 
Yes, the people who set off those bombs yesterday are cowards. Weak minded terrorists. Whether they are organized like the 9/11 attacks or 2 or 3 punks like the Oklahoma City bombers doesn't matter. They are deranged punks who have no guts to actually fight for what they want. They lurk in the shadows and fight from behind the safety of bombs intended on hurting those who have no issues with them. People just going about their daily lives. Making their way, living their life.
America is a huge place. Most cannot even comprehend how big a country it is. I have made 3 round trips from one end to the other. One from Toronto to Miami and back.  A second one from Toronto, to Seattle, then north to the Grand Canyon, south to Yellowstone and back to Toronto, and then a third from Toronto to New Orleans and back. And that doesn't even begin to cover the territory I could travel that I have not yet done.
I realize that there is no way to logistically stop someone from killing massive amounts of people if that is what they are intent on doing. There is just too much ground to cover on a day to day basis. It is very unlikely that I personally, or you, will be in that wrong place at the wrong time like those kids in Sandy Hook were. Or those people in the twin towers were. Or those people in the theater in Aurora, Colorado were. Or...those  people near the finish line at the Boston Marathon were. 
Nevertheless, it is possible. Somebody will be there. But here is what I know. I will go anywhere I want to pursue my own happiness. If that means I want to run in the Boston Marathon, or cheer on a friend there,  I will still be doing that. If that means I want to take a cruise or fly in a plane, I will still be doing that. If that means I want to drive coast to coast,  I will still be doing that. And I certainly will not think twice about going to any sporting event I wish to, even though I know that is the easiest target to inflict the most amount of damage. Because that is what I want to do. So I will do it.
They can get you anywhere. And they will. You can count on that. So what? You just have to keep on living. They can try to take away your freedom and happiness with fear, but they can only do that if you let them. They can do it with bombs, and they will. I can't stop that. I can stop them from taking it away with intimidation and terror. They don't scare me. I will live free and I will die free, no matter what they do.
So should you.
They only win if you alter your behavior and let them. Don't let them. If you don't, no matter what they do, the terrorists never win. We do. They can't beat us as long as they don't take our freedom away. They won't be taking mine away. Ever.

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  1. Thank you. I needed to hear that. I know a lot of other people do, as well. It's a simple thing to be reminded of. I do travel often, I attend events and cheer on my friends as they cross finish lines. I was just hesitating on going to my own city's marathon in a couple of weeks, but you know, screw that. I'm in.


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