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Friday, June 7, 2013

Taking Candy From An Adult

Yesterday was a relatively slow news day.
Sure, we had Verizongate, the taking of personal information, in secret, by the U.S. Government. But hey, that is nothing new. They have been doing that and getting away with it for decades. Most people don't even care. We aren't terrorists and we don't have anything to hide. I doubt the government really cares if Buffy is texting her boyfriend a picture of her duck lips, or any other part of her body. It's a story that nobody really cares about and it will go away as fast as all the rest.

Then we had the continued saga of Stephen Harper and his band of thieves and bullies. Now, they have been caught with a secret fund, which any right thinking, observant person can clearly see is a slush fund which he can use to pay off those he needs to pay off while maintaining an arms length distance and deniability. Again, this has been going on for years and none of it surprises us. Only that Harper is too stupid to manage this and get away with it. If there was any news in that story, it is that he isn't as smart as he thought he was, or we thought he was. He is just a common criminal. Old news...again.

But then the story that rocked my world surfaced. 

The Competition Bureau has laid criminal charges against Nestle, Mars, and a company called ITWAL Ltd. for conspiring to fix the price of chocolate in Canada higher than it should otherwise be.

You can take my private info. I don't care. It's just info and it is useless to anyone. You can pay off employees to maintain your power. My life won't change either way. But, if you conspire to make my chocolate bars cost more, then my friend, you are going to fucking get it. Don't mess with my ability to have reasonably priced chocolate. Never. That is when I stand up and demand the death penalty be reinstated for types like you.
Since I am not confident that the death penalty will be implemented in this case, as it should,  I will settle for taking every penny of profit these companies made last year,  plus 10% just to rub it in, and a slap on the wrists.
Again, don't mess with my chocolate. Some things you just never do. Canadians love their chocolate. Sure, people all over the world love their chocolate. But I can say for sure that I, of all people, love my chocolate with a passion. And I also like to get value or take part in a bargain or sale. If you try to rip me off on my chocolate purchase, you are asking for severe punishment.
So, I say to you, Nestle, and all the other big corps who think they can just do whatever they want:
You may be able to take candy from a baby, but you can't take candy from an adult and get away with it. It isn't as easy as you thought it was going to be. 
You are being watched. Do it again, and there will be consequences. 
CandyBarGate is on!

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