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Friday, October 4, 2013

Putting the fun back in fun things.

Last weekend I went to the horse races. I have gone now about 4 times in the last month or so. That used to be something I did about twice a week, sometimes more. But for the last few years I have barely gone at all. That isn't because I don't like the races anymore. I do. Always did. I have other reasons why.
This blog will deal with that topic.
I started out as a fan. A fan who knew nothing. I had some very good nights where I won a lot, thinking I knew why, when in fact I was a lot more lucky than smart. But, I thought I knew everything within a few weeks, and then I met some people and realized I was wrong again. I knew nothing. Well, I knew a few things, but not really enough to say I knew much of anything. Or more than the other people who knew relatively nothing and admitted that.
Then, I gradually got into different aspects of the game. I became an owner, and in addition to that, I also had access to others who knew what was going on inside of the game. The trainers, the other owners, etc. People like that. It changed my whole perspective on the game. But, it was still fun. I enjoyed the races and picking winners.
After that, I started working with the horses. Not for a living, or daily, but enough that I got to understand even more about what was going on on the racetrack. When that happens, it changes everything. Horses are not simply numbers or bets, they are commercial entities and flesh and blood. You can never truly go back once you get to that stage. I never have.
Then I started to train my own horses. Once you do that, you really understand the game. At times it can be a great feeling, but a lot of the time it takes the fun out of it all. It becomes too much work and business and not enough fun and excitement. 
I haven't trained now for about 7 or 8 years. I don't really miss it. I liked working with the horses, but it was never really fun to be in the racing game. 
For now, I like being a fan again. I like going to the races and then going home and not having to deal with it the next day. It is a night out again, which is something you can really enjoy.
It puts the fun back into it. When you get too close to it, it can take the fun out of it. You can say that about many things, and it is something to consider before you turn your hobbies and interests into your work and your business. 
The really lucky ones are the ones who can make it work both ways, but that is rare. Knowing nothing has its advantages. Knowing too much has its drawbacks.  
Will I ever get involved again as an owner, or a trainer? Maybe. I don't know. But it would have to be fun and not take away the fun part of just going to the track and betting a card. That part has to be there. It appears to be back and I would not want to lose it again. 
Going to the other side isn't always what it seems to be. It looks glamorous and you really want to get a taste of it until you do get a taste of it and it leaves a sour taste in your mouth.
Just something to consider when you mess with a good thing.

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