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Saturday, November 16, 2013

10 Random Thoughts on the Rob Ford thing.

1. If you comment in public about how much pussy you get to eat at home you likely will not be getting that anymore.

2. Admitting you smoked crack cocaine at a party with gang bangers because you were too drunk to know better is very much like saying you can't stop the car because you forgot that the brakes aren't working when you got in the car.

3. If you don't like the spotlight on you when you have issues, don't take a job that requires you to be in the spotlight.

4. Never take advice from your family when they are at best as dumb as you and you are already a confirmed dumbass.

5. Admitting you have driven drunk and saying that is okay because everyone else does it, even though everyone else doesn't do it, is like saying that it is okay to jump off the cliff because other idiots do it. 

6. If you tell people you will lower their taxes, you can pretty much do almost anything and stay in power. Even smoke crack, eat other women's pussy or get a blow job at your desk by your assistant. But you can't lie about it. If you lie about it, they think you are also lying about lowering the taxes. That is the biggest no-no.

7. The more you talk about how you aren't guilty, the more people think you are.

8. If you don't tell the truth when you have the chance, no one will believe you later even if you start telling the truth. 

9. Nobody has sympathy for someone who digs their own hole and refuses to take a helping hand out of that hole but insists on trying to bite the hand that feeds it. 

10. If you were a drug using, publicly drunk, bullying, womanizing, loudmouth jackass before you got elected, you won't suddenly stop being that way once you are elected.

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