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Thursday, November 7, 2013

Our Mayor smokes crack cocaine. And that isn't the biggest issue.

So, our mayor smoked crack cocaine. He thinks. He isn't 100 percent sure, because he is in a lot of drunken stupors and he doesn't remember much of anything he does and when he might do it. It that an issue? Partly. So, the answer is Yes. And No. It is an issue, but not the main issue why he cannot remain as mayor.
The issue isn't that he smoked crack while he was mayor. That is bad enough. Very bad. But it isn't the main issue. 
The issue is that he smoked crack with drug dealers and gang bangers. His addiction or problem isn't the issue. His judgement is. Say what you will, but the Mayor makes decisions about all sorts of things that effect our daily life. Subways. Budgets. Health Care. You name it. He has a significant hand in all that. 
If he can't be trusted to avoid the type of people he hangs around with then how can we trust him? We cannot.
That he got drunk and stoned with those drug dealers in a known hangout for those people tells you all you need to know. One would assume he wasn't drunk or stoned when he made the decision to go there. So, he was sober and making a conscious, lucid decision to do that. He can't blame it on the drugs.
If he had gone to a wild sex party with these types, the problem would still be the same. Say what you want about private life being private but the Mayor doesn't get to do these things and be the Mayor. There is an image attached to holding that office and a code of conduct. Rob Ford has clearly jumped way over that line with the company he keeps. 
That is the issue here. He isn't worthy of being a Mayor. That he is an admitted crack smoker isn't the biggest problem. That he is an admitted partier with the types of people we would call the police on if they lived in our neighborhood is the problem.
In addition, he is involved in slander and name calling of significant people on a daily basis of significant people. Like the Police Chief.  Who outed Ford the other day and countless others who simply refuse to lie down for Ford's immature tactics and behavior.
And then there is his driver, a known drug dealer and bad ass character who is alleged to be involved in an extortion plot with Ford to get that video of him smoking crack before it became public. That didn't work anyway, but the fact that Ford tried to do that shows he is very willing to hide anything he feels will not look good on him. Is that the kind of Mayor we can trust with a billion dollar budget? Hardly.
And finally, there are the countless public appearances with his horrific angry outbursts and intoxicated state. Not to mention the few incidents we know about where he was sexually harassing others.
Add it all up, and the crack smoking is really a minor thing. That is odd to say, but it is the truth.
The issue is his lack of judgement and his general lack of class. 
From where I sit, that is an issue he cannot change. Rob Ford has never had any class and very little judgement. He might have a drug problem. He might not. He might beat that drug problem. He might not.
But he will never have good judgement or class. That is the issue that is going to bring him down.

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