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Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Rob Ford: Coming Dirty 

"With today's announcement, I know I embarrassed everyone in the city." 

-Rob Ford

 "Am I an addict? No. Have I tried it? one of my drunken stupors."

So that's it? That is the big "coming clean" moment? Really?
You think that is going to get you a pass. Where to effing start!

So, what you are saying now is that you lied all this time and  now you are telling the truth? Or, are you really saying that you have no clue what you have done, because while you were being our mayor and representing us to the world, you were so drunk many times (and many times in public..on tape..tape you can't dispose of or pretend doesn't exist) that you have no clue what you have done? For all we know, you enacted a law that means drug dealers aren't breaking the law. Did you do that too? Maybe you murdered a few people. Or raped some women. We know that you have been accused of propositioning a city councilor in public. I wonder who we believe on that one. Or how many more of those incidents are out there? Maybe you don't even know or remember, considering all those drunken stupors you have engaged in.

"I know, that I embarrassed everyone in the city, and I am forever sorry for that."

Yes, you did do that. You can be forever sorry. Good for you. We are forever not going to forgive you for it. Nor forget it. You don't ever get to have that from us. You will not ever be forgiven. As long as there is a forever, you will forever be known as the most embarrassing Mayor we have ever had. Maybe any city has ever had. I can't think of one that was worse than you. At least the mayor of Washington only did it in a hotel room with some woman who wasn't a drug dealer. Doesn't sound so bad now when you put it in the perspective of what we are dealing with now.

When did Ford smoke this crack cocaine? Was it somewhere deep in his past, when he was young and foolish?

"Probably. Approximately. About a year ago. I don't even remember. After some of the stuff that you guys have seen me..the state I have been's a problem."

So, you don't have a drug problem. You aren't an addict. But you admit you have a problem. So, what is THE problem? Do you even know? Maybe it is a lying problem. Or, possibly you are just delusional. Or, maybe you are just a punk who had everything handed to him by his rich father and think you are entitled to say and do whatever you want because no rules apply to you. If so, then that is a huge fucking problem. 
Did Rob Ford "come clean" yesterday? That was certainly the intention of what he was trying to do, and what he was obviously advised to do on the weekend. Did he?
We have all heard the saying, "coming clean." We all know what it means. It means you have something to say, something to admit to, something you were hiding that you are now going to fess up to. Most times, because you are backed into a corner and are forced to admit to it. Sometimes, just because you think it is the right thing to do. In both instances, it takes a heavy weight or load off your mind and body.
That is....if you know that you will get forgiveness. Because what you did isn't all that bad and can be forgiven.
But when you are the Mayor of the biggest city in Canada, one of the biggest in North America and one of the most important in the world, you know that when you smoke crack cocaine with drug dealers and gang members, and you have done that while you are STILL the Mayor, you know if that gets out you are basically finished. And on top of that, if you have been lying, covering up and making all sorts of illegal and under the table deals to keep that secret, you have zero chance of forgiveness.
You know--even the most delusional of us know--that the only result is shame and banishment. If you are lucky, you won't end up criminally charged and in jail. Maybe. If you are lucky. That is the best you can hope for. The best.
No, Rob Ford didn't come clean yesterday. He came dirty.
So, yes we all make mistakes. And we all pay for those mistakes. Sometimes that comes with forgiveness. Other times, it can't be forgiven. And even other times, it can be forgiven but not forgotten. And even more times, it can be forgiven and forgotten but it can't be repaired. And when it can't be repaired, it is broken. And broken things are thrown out. 
Like Rob Ford will be in a day or two, if he doesn't remove himself before someone else is forced to take the trash out.  

"Yes, I have smoked crack cocaine."

If it was just that, he might have gotten a pass. He might have been able to come clean. I doubt there are many Mayors in this world that haven't tried drugs or been very drunk a few times in their lives. We can live with that. To a point. But, did they also hang out at known drug houses and do it with known gangster and gang banger drug dealers and murderers? No, I can't think of any that ever did that. Not one. What if they have more incriminating evidence on him, of something we have no clue about? Can we trust him to be the mayor and make decisions based simply on good judgement and/or merit? Nope. That ship has sailed. That assumes that it was ever in the dock. Which, in my opinion, it never was. Only now are people realizing that.
Others have gotten past a terrible incident and survived. Admitting a sex scandal? Most of us really don't care about that. Many have that in their past as well. We are almost immune and used to that. The President of The United States got his dick sucked in the oval office and he is still revered. JFK had so many affairs that nobody is even sure who and how many there actually were. They aren't isolated incidents.
Admitting you smoked pot, or even tried coke or crack or meth or heroin in the forgotten past of your youth? Some mind that, but if you have straightened yourself out and are clean now, most will not care and many might even admire you for having conquered a demon. What you did before you were employed to represent the people matters, but not as much as we would like to think. But, once you are now our representative, if you do it on our dime that is a huge deal. We certainly wouldn't want our lawyer out getting high with crack dealers at night and coming to work in the morning to do his job. Same thing here. It will not pass the litmus test.
So, smoking crack with known drug dealers and being in a drunken stupor as your defense for how your judgement was so lacking....while you were in office? No, you can't come clean on that. You can only admit that you are dirty and damaged goods.
That is the only thing Rob Ford did and accomplished yesterday. 

"I know what I did was wrong, and admitting it was the most difficult and embarrassing thing I have ever had to do."

Sorry. That isn't how it actually went. You didn't admit to it. You said you didn't do it (for many months and countless times when you were asked direct questions) and then you tried to bribe and cover up your way out of it. Then insult, slander and bully anyone who was going to get in the way of that. And finally, when none of that worked you were forced to say it, and even then you didn't wholly admit to it. And still haven't. 
So, are we to just forgive and forget? Not bloody happening. Maybe, just maybe, if you had admitted to it when all this first came out, you might have gotten some slack. But now? Nope. In addition to everything else, you have embarrassed the city and tried to play the people who elected you as fools. Nobody.....
Nobody, forgives or forgets that. 
If we did, we would be saying that we want to get dirty with you. We don't. We wanted you to clean yourself up before you dragged us down into the mud with you. You didn't. Now, you stand in the quicksand alone. There wont be any helping hand reaching out to you. You tied the lead anchor to your leg and you will sink with it.
As for the video Ford claims he has never seen but knows is out there and fully well knows by now that it will show him smoking crack from a pipe with thugs and drug dealers? Well, if he had his people covering it up and making it go away a few months ago and they saw it..then he saw it. A few reporters have seen it. Many people have seen it. So, Rob Ford has seen it. Just another lie that will come back to bite him. 
Hopefully he wont be the mayor anymore when that one comes back to him. Hopefully. 
Because there isn't enough soap in the world to clean up any more mess Ford brings on us. He has come so dirty that the stain is permanent.

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