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Friday, March 21, 2014

Fred Phelps and Black Ju Jubes

So, Fred Phelps died yesterday. What to make of that?
More about that in a bit.
We all are different. What some people love, some people hate. Why? I don't know. Something about us that is just different.
We are all humans. That is something we all share. Half of us are men, and half of us are women. Of course, all men share one thing in common, as do all women. But, after we get past that, each one of us, whether we are men or women, or black or white, or any race, religion or any other variable you can classify people by....are just that little bit different from each other.
I am a pretty big candy freak, as most of you who know me know very well. I love just about any candy. Just about.
I hate black ju jubes. Or jelly beans. Or licorice. Anything with that taste of whatever those black ones are made of. 
In fact,  I would and will spit them out if I eat them by accident.
When I buy them at the bulk food store, I make sure to filter out all the black ones if I can. When I buy them at the convenience or grocery store, I try to take all the black ones out when I open the package at home. I hate them. 
But, I know that there are some people who like them. Love them in fact.
It just goes to show you that what is someones garbage is someones treasure. 
Variety is what makes the world go wrong.
I know that they make bags of candy with only the black ones. If people want to eat them, good for them. As for me, I wish they would make bags with everything but the black ones. I would venture to say that there are a lot more of us who want that than the other way around. 
I know this:  I have never had someone ask me for a few and when I say what color, they say "the black ones." I would remember that if it had happened, because I would say, "here, take all of them."
Back to Fred Phelps now. If you don't know who he is, or that name doesn't ring a bell, watch this video.

In any event, the prevailing sentiment is that most people hate him, and are happy he is dead. I don't hate him, but I am also glad that he is dead. I will explain why that is slightly different than what other people might be feeling.
Most sane, rational and normal people would describe Fred Phelps as a religious nut, founder of a cult, and a hate monger. I would be one of those. Am I glad he's dead? Yes, I am.
Not because I hate him, but because it is one less person on the earth who makes it his life's purpose to hate, spread hate and convince others to hate those who aren't exactly like them. 
It is fine to hate black jelly beans or ju jubes. That is a harmless personal choice based on preference. It is not okay to hate others and make their lives hell because you don't like or approve of how they live and what they do, especially when that way of life has no actual bearing on your life. 
To me, a Fred Phelps serves no purpose in life other than to spread hate and convince others to hate. So, if he is dead, there is less hate on this earth and less likely to be more because he is no longer there. He was of no value to any of us, and thus, the world is a better place without him. Addition by subtraction.
I am all for free choice. Eat what you want. Live where you want. Say what you want (to a degree). Be who you want to be.
Until that point where all of those things take freedoms and liberties away from others who have no real bearing on your life. And your thoughts, actions and wants convince others to also take away those same freedom and liberties from others.
When that happens, when you are simply a selfish, hate mongering cult leader type whose sole purpose is to take happy from others by fostering hate, then I am happy you are no longer able to do that. 
I don't hate Fred Phelps. I love that he is no longer able to spread hate. That is the difference between hating him and being happy that he can't spread hate anymore.
Good riddens to him. The world is a better place.  Fred Phelps was pure garbage and nobody's treasure.

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