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Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Trump will lose because he is like that hot girlfriend.

Today I thought I was going to post an article about Donald Trump and what he said about not allowing any Muslims in the country for a while. But I didn't. 
Then, I thought I might post an article about his argument on Morning Joe this morning. But I didn't.
Here is why.
Back when I was single. I once dated this incredibly hot woman. Okay, not dated. That isn't accurate. I met her at a bar or party, or something that was a combo of both. I don't recall the actual details of that. But I remember that the reason I wanted her wasn't because we had some long convos about life and got to like each other. We did actually talk here and there at first, but I really didn't like her and she didn't like me. There was friction. And it added to the desire to be lovers. On both sides. Much like how it went on Moonlighting between Maddy and David.
Nope. I wanted to fuck her. Simple as that. So, I put up with her crazy. And make no mistake. She was crazy. Like "batshit crazy" crazy. But boy could she kiss. And she had the most amazing body. And in bed, she was really, really good. And did I mention she could really kiss? Yes, there was that.
So, lets say it lasted about 2 weeks. It could have been 10 days. It might have been 3 weeks. I don't really recall. But I recall there was a lot of sex. That part I do recall. And I remember her name. You always remember the names of those types. 
And then, I'd had her. Several times. The only allure she had to me, it was fulfilled. And now, there was nothing left. So, I just got tired of her batshit crazy ways. And that was the end of that.
At this point, Donald Trump is on the downside of the hill in terms of the hot girlfriend theory. He is just getting more and more out there, trying harder and harder to up the ante, stay on top, maintain the interest. But, its not working. I am just tired of him. I can't be bothered with him.
That is going to happen with everyone else. Or most everyone. Enough that he will just get discarded, like that hot girlfriend who has been experienced. 
So, for me, that's it. I'm done with the Donald Trump experience. Have fun with him if you want to carry on. He is about as interesting to me as the interest I have in knowing what Kim and Kanye will name their baby. That is to say, ZERO.

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