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Monday, June 13, 2016

Why does there need to be a reason and explanation for everything these days?

"He panted and gasped the air and looked a little fatigued for 45 minutes after the race. I can guarantee the races haven't had the toll on him. He struggled with the track,” said Exaggerator trainer Keith Desormeaux after the colt's loss in the Belmont Stakes. What do you think contributed to the Preakness winner's placing in New York?
I've lived long enough to know that horses lose because not every horse can win the race, and eventually, all horses will lose. Even the knighted superstar of all time, American Pharoh, got beat last year. As did Seattle Slew and Secretariat. And countless others. It happens. Horses aren't robots.
I also know that when some crazy shoots up a Gay club in Orlando because he is just plain whack job crazy, you can make all sorts of secondary arguments for what can be done about it.
First, you can take away all the guns. Yeah, that's the reason he was successful.
Second, he's a Muslim. Lets ban all those from the country. Even the ones that were born here, like he was. Who, are American citizens with rights that many Americans hold near and dear.
Third, lets shoot them all before they shoot us, even if 99.99999% of them will never shoot at anybody and have no desire to do so.
And of course, you can take away the guns. You can kill all the Muslim's, and you can start shooting anybody that looks suspicious because of the color of their skin or the religious beliefs they hold, or even you think they hold that they don't, and even if you did all that, you wont stop a Timothy McVeigh, the white as snow All American Western New York kid (Buffalo is known as the "All American City, and they have a sign when you enter it to that effect) who killed 4 times as many innocent people in Oklahoma City, with no gun. He used a bomb. How do you ban bombs? Last I checked, they don't sell bombs at Walmart anyway. And you can make one if you have 1000 bucks and do the proper internet search. The Boston Marathon bombers didn't use guns. They made some homemade, crude, make-it-in-your- garage type pipe bomb that killed and maimed many.
The truth is, and people continue to ignore this, but its still the truth. Horses lose because we all lose. Cars get into accidents because that is inevitable. People who want to kill other people will do that and find a way. The reason is that they have their reasons and want to, and its not that hard to do. 

The biggest problem we have these days is that we have given the masses a voice and they cry out with that voice for others to take action because they believe their reasons are valid, when in fact, they are total bullshit and based on backwards, non-fact based bullshit reasons that hold zero water when put to the acid test.
I said it 4 years ago when the Sandy Hook shooter killed those kids. And he was a white kid with mental problems and a legal gun that his mother was supposed to keep locked up and away from him. I said it when the Boston Marathon bombers did what they did. I've said it 10 or 15 times when the various other people with agendas did what they did, and I will say it again in a month from now, two months from now, and every month from now when it happens again and again:

You cannot stop these people no matter what you do. There is no reason to these people. 
Just like a champion horse will lose because all horses lose eventually, all crazies with crazy agendas will do what they do and will find a way to do it.
There are good reasons to restrict guns for the majority of the people out there. There are good reasons to be more strict about immigration and there are very good reasons to do something about radical religious sects of all kinds, including the one that a white bred Kentucky woman named Kim Davis belongs to. But those reasons aren't a crazy taking an assault rifle and shooting up a gay club because he is just a hateful idiot in the first place.
And there is no valid reason nor one needed why Exaggerator got beat in the Belmont. Nor do I need one from his trainer. Just say he got beat, just like so many others did that day. Maybe there was a reason, but most likely, there wasn't. He got beat. Okay? Live with it. They aren't going to resurface the track because one horse didn't grab it that day or like it. And we aren't going to take all the guns away, or stop immigration.
Just stop the crazy talk. At times, I'm not even sure who is crazier. The gunman who shot up the club or the people who banter about what to do about it that wont work and isn't even reasonable to try.

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