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Sunday, May 23, 2010

Raptor fan wish list

So Chris Bosh has a wish list:

Bosh’s wish list: Bulls, Lakers, Heat or Knicks

How about a Raptor fans wish list.

1)take a plane out of town
2)take a train out of town
3)take a limo out of town
4)anybody but your sorry ass on our team
5)many years of double doubles and losing teams for you
6)a big contract for you followed by a bad season followed by a contract dump to a loser like golden state or the clippers
7)a player who wants to play for our team and doesnt treat us like sloppy seconds
8)a gm who doesnt whore us out to pimps like you who abuse our good nature and has some balls to call you the prick that you have become
9)you sign with philly, the knicks, or chicago and then when you suck they boo your sorry ass until you appreciate what you had with us
10)a player who can pass out of the double team

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