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Sunday, July 18, 2010

Bob Seger got it right

Everyone loves Bob Seger. He has a little something for everyone.
Night Moves, Still The Same, We've Got Tonight Against The Wind, Shame On The Moon and Fire Lake for those who like it kinda slower and easy.
Old Time Rock and Roll, Katmandu, Shakedown, Travellin Man, Ramblin Gamblin Man and Hollywood Nights for those who like it fast and rockin.
But then there is the reflective deep songs that make Bob Seger really memorable. Like A Rock, Fire Down Below and my personal fave Real Love.
And by the way, im in all camps, i love all those songs and all those types of music. But i digress.
Ive always been partial to Real Love, because it is a statement song. I love statement songs. You've got something to say, you say it and you craft it in a way that really hits home. And you do it simply. And it helps if the melody is catchy too.
So Real Love, a pretty simple song with a simple statement.
Which brings me to why im writing this.
My wife and I are total opposites, other than deep down we are both just real good people, nothing special just ordinary people going about our unspectacular lives.
But most days, because we are different, she wants to know why im with her, why i love her. She has told me she needs to hear it. And im not one to say it, thats me. I live my life by showing people with my actions, not usually telling them with my words.
Anyway, when i heard the Seger song the other day, it hit me that the answer to that question was in his song, Real Love. So below is a copy of a note i sent her with the video of the song attached.

You asked me why I'm with you.

Yes we are so different, I'm funny, witty, and creative. You are crazy, silly, and not very creative.
You like dance and romance, I like sports and action and drama and crime shows.

You're a neat freak, and I"m freakin dirty most of the time.

I like my space and you like to invade it, but that's okay.

But still after all we've been through, I'm still here and you're still here.
So what to make of it .

Well, since you must make me say it (even though you know how much I hate doin it), I thought id say this.

Out of all the women I dated, I picked you. We broke up and I came back to you. Why, because you are caring and a good person, and because what we have is real love. Nothing is gonna change that, because it cant.

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