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Thursday, July 29, 2010

Excuses are for losers

I read an article on Tuesday in which Bryan Colangelo said the Toronto Raptors, for which he has now been the General Manager for 5 years now, tanked last season because Chris Bosh checked out mentally after the all star break.
The year before it was the coach, and the year before that it was team chemistry, and so on and so on.
Bryan Colangelo came to the Raptors with a very big reputation as a guy who could build and mold a team into a winner. He did it in Phoenix, but many dont remember that Phoenix also had a lot of lean years when he was there.
Since he has been at the helm of the Raptors it has been one patchwork deal after another to cover up a bad deal and then the scenario has just repeated itself over and over again.
So we say to you Bryan as the fans you have royally disappointed over the years, cut the bullshit excuses and get it done or get lost.
Excuses are for losers. If you are a winner then win. Otherwise be a loser somewhere else.

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