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Sunday, July 18, 2010

In praise of the wonder of women

As a guy, there is just so many things to like about a woman physically. Even at a young age, you wonder what it would be like to touch her boobs, put your hands on her hips, so see how soft her lips and hair really is, stuff like that. So I decided to make a list of the 10 things of a physical nature only that I (and probably most men) love about women. They are not in order, its not a top 10 list, and i could probably do more than 10 but ive also got a life to live so ill do ten for now.

1. a pretty face...when it comes down to it, take away all the sexy alluring aspects that women possess and really most guys are captivated by the beauty of a womans face...i know i am. I might not neccesarily notice how pretty a woman is at first, but certainly i will within a few minutes. Most of the women i have been strongly attracted to over the years had strikingly pretty faces.

2. expressive eyes....from my earliest days ive been fascinated by the brightness of womens eyes...and they my eyes...i remember a girl named roxanne when i was about 10 telling me how i had the most beautiful eyes shed ever seen...and that wasnt the last time ive heard that over the years...and ive always been fascinated by the passion in someones eyes...i think its what makes the great actors great...they know how to use their eyes to convey emotion without speaking lines

3.boobs...the old standby and the most obvious of choices..but make no mistake...while big boobs are very noticeable...i think i speak for most guys when i say we love them all, small,normal size, very large, round, long, shapely, pointy, cant think of an adjective that describes boobs that i wouldnt like...however grossly large, like the freak pornstars...thats not attractive...its like those bodybuilders with the crazy just looks freakish and stupid....but strangely still has sex appeal...

4.soft hands....long sexy fingers, pudgy soft hands, simply painted

5. lips...and the more luscious the better...sure angelina jolie is the gold standard...but most women unless they have fish lips have lips worth dreaming and other things over

6.legs... womens legs are so sexy...just the way they frame the whole body..where they lead, how they look when they they appear in skirts and dresses...this is probably a point where it needs its own blog

7.nipples...of course really a subset of boobs...but deserving of its own section....hard nipples, puffy nipples really red nipples, kinda maroon nipples....maybe the greatest pleasure on this list.....just cant think a bad thought and nipples in the same sentence...well maybe nipple ring...that is a huge seeing a beattles song used to sell soap or something. hair...short hair...curly....blonde....brunette...really every women is different but its what really seperates one woman from the next..its like a view into their personality and also a big part of what shapes the pretty face

9.neck.... just the thought of a womens pretty neck is enough im not even gonna expound on this...ok im lazy and i didnt have much and im tired because im already at #9 so im gonna slack off here

10. i want to hear from you gals...did i miss anything

honorable mention that didnt make the top 10

upper chest and cleavage

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  1. Interesting...I think most men would agree with this I think a woman's smile and sense of humor if least more than her neck and I know my Baby likes back- butt should be in there...Maybe combine boobs and nipples? and make room for the shapely butt :)


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