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Friday, July 16, 2010


some of you know me as funny and witty and somewhat silly. Others know me as the guy who thinks he is funny and witty but is just silly and full of himself. Others know me as the soft and mushy guy who can make women cry with my kind words.
But some of you, mostly women, know me as the guy who likes to play the suggestive word games, sometimes flirty, borderline dirty, but all in good fun and completely harmless in nature.
But there are times when important topics need to be discussed. The below blog is just such a topic, It is for mature adults only, suggestive, mildly blue and explicit. So youve been warned that if that bothers you, dont look. I know that 90% of you will, but for the other 10%, caviat emptor.

A woman i dated once told me that before we started going out, for about a year before that time, she used to take a cucumber, think of me and get herself off. She was shy in telling me, even though we'ed slept together 20 or 30 times by then. I was flattered, someone was attracted to me enough that they used me to get off.
Recently, a close friend and i went out for drinks with a bunch of old friends which included some of his old high school chums, of which half of them were women, most of which i didnt know.
One girl struck me, she was cute, but not stunning, but had a great personality and you really wanted to listen to what she had to say...and she had alot of interesting things to say.
So on the way home in the car ( my friend and i came together in the same car), he related a story about this girl when i asked him whats her story.
I mentioned shes not bad looking,and he said in high school that she was a fox. They were decent friends but never dated. However as they got older, they remained friends. She is definitely not shy about saying just about anything which is what i liked about her at the night out, and he said a couple of years earlier they got to talking and she asked him if he jerked off to her image in high school, and he said yes and it was more than once. Again, she was flattered.
So putting these two stories together, it got me thinking a couple of things.
Do most women get off thinking that guys that they know but dont date and sleep with are fantasizing about them and does it in turn arouse them, and do they do the same thing. I think i know the answer to that question, but comments are welcome.
Second, it now occurs to me that many of the girls who i jerked off to in high school may have been doing the same about me, and that is a thought that never occured to me until about a few months ago. I can tell you flat out that im flattered and it does turn me on.

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  1. Sure we women fantasize of particular men when we try to get off. But it is mostly clitoral stimulation with no use for a cucumber or vibrator; sadly. It is a TOTAL turn on to hear that someone you're attracted to whacks off while imagining you- but it is a turn OFF for a woman to think of a man she isn't sexually into as doing that while thinking of her. Granted, she will be flattered, but it will not make her wet.


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