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Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Sexy not underwear

Recently it has come to my attention that quite a high percentage of women, whenever possible do not wear any underwear. Now I knew that some didnt, but i wasnt aware that so many did not.
For almost all of these women, its just a matter of convenience and being comfortable.
But for almost any guy, the thought that the woman doesnt wear any panties and a bra is highly arousing. It is a very big turn on.
So im asking, is this a big trend or just an unusual sample size.
And for the ladies, what style of dress about men turns you on.
I will say this, for me there is no outfit you could wear that would be sexier than just a plain long t-shirt and socks but no panties or bra underneath, that is a sexy outfit by omission not addition.
And knowing that does it turn you on to think that it turns us on?
Chicken or egg?

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