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Wednesday, July 28, 2010

where were you? moments.

Just this week, Jack Tatum, a former great linebacker for the Oakland Raiders, passed away.
While he was a fine linebacker, he will forever be remembered for the hit he delivered to Darryl Stingley that paralyzed him for life.
And it is one of those moments that makes you remember where you were when it happened.
So here are a few in my life, some will wring true for you, others will not.

1)911....i was driving in my car..on my way to the barn to train the horses...listening to the fan590 when they said a plane had crashed into one of the towers...i think it was 8:48am EST, and nobody at that time knew what it all meant...but you got the initial sense that it didnt add up...commercial planes dont fly into high rise towers....of course we all know what a life changer that became...its was a day most of us will never forget

2) Summit series , 1972, Canada Russia, last game, the Henderson goal, i was in the back of the schoolyard listening to it on the radio and eating a root beer bottle cap...those were the days..bottle caps and hockey cards

3)the day elvis died...1977 August...i was away at camp...we were cell phones in those days...we came back two days after he died and found out when we came through the front door...i remember my mother and next door neighbor Adele were distraught and playing his was very similar to the Michael Jackson death last year for this generation

4)The Joe Carter homerun to win the world series for the Blue Jays, was in my basement apartment on the couch watching with my dog was an electric feeling..even though i was alone...

5)The Jack Tatum hit, was in my friend John Quail's basement playing Risk and watching we did often in those days...those games of Risk where great....young kids dont do that kind of stuff risk, have card games, etc...

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