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Tuesday, July 20, 2010

why are men fascinated with boobs

Okay back to everybodys favorite topic. Why are men fascinated with womens breasts. You know, boobs, tits, tatas, breasts, headlights, i could go on all day with all the words we use to describe them, but i wont.
Lets make it clear and there is no mistake here. Men love womens boobs and women know it. Its a very symbiotic relationship. And men like to look at them and most women like theirs to be looked at. So, why?
Well firstly, i think its truly, physically, what seperates a man from a woman. Sure women have prettier faces, but we all have faces. Ditto on the eyes, hair, ears, legs, butt and hands. Sure women
have much nicer and softer hands, hair and legs than us. And their eyes and ears and back and hands are prettier than ours. But facts are facts and the fact is we dont have boobs, we love to look at them, touch them and think about them. So lets investigate the why from the equation.
Well, as young boys, we are sort of fascinated by boobs but not really turned on or desire them. But we learn that they are forbidden fruit, covered up, wonderous but not available. They are like the chocolate bars you're not allowed to have.
As we move to the teen years and enter high school, little susie who used to skip rope on the street from 3 doors down has now developed into Susan and we want to know her better. And little Susie knows it.
As I said before, its very symbiotic, and the older men and women get, the more its considered within the game of attraction and fruition.
When the dating games start, its an allure to the men and a statement for women to make. When real dating takes place, its a carrot that is dangled in front of the suitor and when the man gets to see and touch them, its a point where the relationship has probably moved and the boobs signify a level of trust and comfort and closeness between the couple.
So in the end, although they are really just an accumulation of fat cells and a way to feed babies, in terms of male and females, they are really so much more.

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