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Sunday, September 19, 2010

How to treat (and not treat ) women

I'm just a average guy. I have average looks, I'm smart but no genius. I have good points and bad points. But I will say this with confidence: I have always got along very well with women and have never had a problem talking to them and relating to them.
So with that in mind, I'm offering advice to some men who don't seem to get it. They like women, they want women, they try as best they can, but they fail miserably. The only thing I can think of is they just don't have the knowledge of how to treat and talk to women.

So first off, first and foremost, always show respect to women. That means don't insult, ogle, proposition or otherwise say things that show a lack of respect for women. That is the fastest way to get yourself out of the picture.
Women love compliments. They like to be told how nice they look, how sexy they are, how pretty they are. But what they don't like is offensive comments about their specific body parts. Nice hooters..I'd hit that..nice headlights...etc. That sort of talk is not gonna get you anywhere near where you want to be. Just keep it simple and to the point.
Words are great. Flowers and candy are great Telling them nice things, that is great. But really when it comes right down to it, women want you to back up what you say with legit actions. If you say you are gonna do something for her, then you better deliver. Take her out, show her a good time, make her feel like you really care. Words, flowers, candy, gifts, they are great but in the end they don't make up for poor or inconsiderate behavior.
Take it slow. Women love to be touched, kissed, hugged, caressed and pleased physically by men. In time. Take your time, make her come to you, make her give herself to you. If you do, then she will feel comfortable doing just about anything with you. If you don't, she will be long gone before you get the chance.
Jealous and possessive behavior will never work. She wants to feel pretty and wanted. If other guys make comments about her, then she feels good, and it doesnt mean she is thinking of cheating or that they are coming on to her. Don't ruin it for her by taking a good thing and making it into a major negative thing.
If you claim to be great in better back it up..or you are out the door. If you don't know how to please her in bed, you better figure it out. If you think that doesn't mean that much to her, you are just plain stupid. It does, women are highly sexual and their pleasure is a very important thing to them. If you underestimate that, you will end up alone with your left hand on Saturday nights.
Learn how to make them laugh. Women want to laugh with you, they want you to make them laugh, its highly attractive to them if you can make them do that. What they don't want is to be laughing at you.
Be honest. You might think they don't want to hear the truth, but they do. If they don't look good, tell them. Don't give lip service compliments.
Women loved to be looked at and appreciated. But they don't like to be stared at and ogled and treated like a piece of meat.Staring at boobs or other parts serves no purpose if your purpose is to touch those parts.
So basically..just treat them well..and with respect and show them that you care enough to try and make an effort...that goes a long way with almost every woman.


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