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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

I'd like to forget what I always remember

I was born with a great memory. Few I have ever met can recall the amount of information and situations as vividly as I can.
I can remember horse races from 25 years ago, every horse, every position, every move. Some say its a gift and I'm blessed to have it. It certainly is unique, but whether its a gift or curse is open to interpretation.
Recently I wrote a note on my facebook page. It was heartfelt and really meant something to me. It was thanks to a very special friend who reminded me of something that I had blocked away for many years. I felt like thanking that person. However, it didn't come out right and all it served to do was disrespect another person, which one reader commented on.
Now, I will always remember exactly what I wrote and exactly what each person said about it. That's me. I don't have the option to forget it.
Others however, don't have that "gift". A few really liked the sentiment and commented as such. One person however noticed the tone and content as possibly disrespectful to another. This person was right. It was exactly that.
I deleted the whole thing, but I assumed that others read it and remembered it. Wrong. Most have no idea it was ever there, and the one who called me on it didn't even remember it.
Lucky them, I wish I could forget it. But once again, I don't get that option.
So the next time you wish that you could remember stuff because you are always forgetting it, think twice before you do that, its not all it is cracked up to be.
There are many days that I'd like to forget a lot of things. Unfortunately, I have the gift, or was that the curse? I'm not sure. It's one of those double edged sword things. It's great when its great, its horrific when its bad.

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