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Friday, January 7, 2011

The Whitney Houston I Knew

As time goes on things happen. Elvis goes from the out of this world rock and roll king to a fat, campy drug addicted shell of himself. Elizabeth Taylor goes from the young starlet that all men want and all women want to be to the older lady who lost her looks and went through 8 or more failed marriages. Cher goes from the alluring young sexpot with all that talent to the hideous woman who has distorted herself to try to hold on to something that no one can. Micheal Jackson went from the cute kid with the unbelievable talent to the adult who was a caricature of himself and possibly a child molester.
And then there is Whitney Houston.
Whitney Houston burst on to the scene like a shot out of a cannon. All of a sudden there were all these great songs, so fast, one right after the other.
As time went on however, she got caught up in the life..and went from the church going nice young girl who was the daughter of a great gospel singer and niece of Dionne Warwick to the partying drug addicted wife of a crackhead maniac in Bobby Brown.
Now, most don't remember her for all the great inspirational songs she came out with, songs which still hold up today. At times like now when I question a lot of the things in my life, I find myself falling back towards those songs and drawing off of them.
That is always the Whitney Houston I will remember, the one who gave me and millions of others that joy and thought provoking body of work.
The rest really will never matter to me.
The same goes for Elvis, Elizabeth Taylor and Cher. I focus on them as artists. What they do in their personal lives has never nor will never matter to me.
We all have faults, why should they be any different than any of us?
I choose to focus on what they bring to my life and accept that as people they will have issues which are not relevant to my life.
I appreciate the good things they do and discount those things that are neither any of my business or relevant in any way to it.

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