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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Life Lessons: Great Balls of Fire.

In life, sometimes you learn things the hard way.

My wife is Chinese, so over the years I have been exposed to many foods and remedies that are related to Chinese culture. Two of those things are Tiger Balm and Tiger Penis.

Being a fussy and picky eater by nature, there is no way I would ever be eating Tiger Penis, even if it was more reasonably priced, which it isn't. Being a vegetarian now, that ship has sailed anyway.

As a one time horse trainer, I found that Tiger Balm is the best rub out there for sore muscles. It penetrates like no other. Even though I don't train horses anymore, I still use Tiger Balm on myself from time to time.

As the nice weather showed up on the weekend, I found myself working the yard and the garden for about 4 hours. I have been active throughout the winter, but there are muscles I haven't been using. All the bending and stretching left me with a sore thigh. As someone who walks everyday, I found myself very sore after my walk yesterday.

This morning I was ever sorer, to the point that I found it hard to walk up and down the stairs. So, seeing as I have a jar of Tiger Balm handy I rubbed it on my thigh, and high up.

So, I have learned a valuable lesson today. Tiger Penis may be good for some. Tiger Balm may be good for most. But Tiger Balm that gets near your penis, is not good for anyone.

Goodness gracious Great Balls of Fire.

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