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Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Don't be negative..when you can be positive

I love the oldies. I love old songs, old movies, old tv shows. Anyone who knows me knows that. I watch and play them a lot. That is no secret.
In searching for old gems on you tube however, I come across many old songs and tv shows where I read comments that are intended to be positive, but come off very negative.
Mostly its a comment about how great a music group or tv show used to be. But, the poster rarely stops there. They usually go on to say how "these guys were great" and everything today is crap and pales in comparison.
The fact is, there is just as much great art of all kinds out there today, just as there was then. It could have easily been said in the early 70s by children of the 50s that the music of that day paled in comparison as well. Praising the artists of yesteryear by knocking the artists of today only shows the lack of intelligence of the commenter.
If you want to praise an artist, do that, but don't knock the artists of today.
Sure, there is a lot of poor quality art of all kinds out there today. There was then too. You just don't remember it because bad art doesn't endure, it just fades away.

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