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Thursday, July 7, 2011

Cutting Stems

If you never get to the root of the are just cutting off stems and they will keep growing back.

Most of us do the best we can with the tools life has been given us. We strive to be the best we can be, when we have the time to have such lofty aspirations.
Sometimes we forget though that we are raised by humans, taught life lessons by humans..and schooled by teachers who are humans. That being said, all that we learn about dealing with life is not always what we need to make the most of what we have been blessed with.
We may aim to be the best we can be, but our strategy to go about doing that is sometimes very lacking.
Case in point is the way we deal with our problems. Because we don't always know the best strategy for eliminating or solving a problem, we often take the quickest and easiest way out. That usually means whatever we can do to solve it short term.
As someone who works on his yard quite a bit these days, I often spend days trying to get rid of weeds. In the past, I cut the weeds at the stems..and for a day, or for a week, the lawn looked great..especially from a distance , like the inside of your house. However, at the next lawn cutting, those weeds have grown back..and usually have multiplied.
It has become evident to me that most of us don't pull those deep roots of the problems we have. We cut the stems, and for the short term, the problem appears to go away.
But as all gardeners know, if you don't pull out the root, the stem grows back.
In life, if you don't get to the root of your problem, then the problem will likely re appear over the long term.
Cutting the stems makes you feel good for the day, because you can't see the weed anymore. But it will grow back..and likely spread and multiply. At that point, you don't have the time to pull all the roots, because there are more roots than time..and as you pull one root, another is growing..and usually faster than the old ones you could have taken care of long ago.
At that point, life overwhelms you, and you really don't even want to bother anymore and begin accept your fate as certainty.
So, pulling the root..or finding out why you have the problems you do, is really the only way to stop the spread of life problems over the long haul.
As mere mortals raised by humans, it is understandable why we don't get to the root of our problems. As adults, it is advisable to try harder, and not take the easy road of short term solution.

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