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Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Love Em..or Cut Em?

There is an old saying. Love Em Or Leave Em.
It's pretty simple. If you don't love em, leave em. If you don't want them, move on and find somebody else. Not every relationship will work out. People will lie, cheat, steal and generally disappoint you. That is the risk you take when you enter any relationship. In some cases, the chemistry is just not right and it doesn't work out.
We live in a free country, so in the end if you want to leave, you can.
For some though, that is not enough. They feel the need to get some sort of revenge. A pound of flesh. In one case, not a pound of flesh, but a slice of it.
Back in early July, a woman in California was so angry at her husband that she drugged him, tied him to a bed, cut off his penis with a large knife and threw it down a garbage disposal.
At first, this seems kind of funny. We all laugh a bit when we first read it.
But what is this woman really?
In essence, she is a violent criminal who needs to do hard time. She has no respect for the law, and is a danger to us all in the open and free society that we live in.
"He was conscious when his penis was removed," said the policeman who arrested her. In addition to being violent, she is clearly barbaric.
Did he cheat on her? Probably. Does he deserve some sort of life punishment? Maybe. Does she have the right to commit violent acts because she has been wronged by a lover? Absolutely not.
We have courts for that sort of thing, and she can just get a divorce, walk away, and move on to the next person. But she did not. She chose to take vigilante justice.
So now it's time for justice to be served.
They don't call it Love Em or Cut Em because you aren't supposed to do that.
Nothing funny about what she did.

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  1. I agree Mark. Not with the idea of throw away marriages or relationships, but I agree that cutting off his penis was wrong. Why would you want to stoop to his level? If he is dirt, let him lie in his filth alone. The very idea of violating another human being in that way is barbaric, to me.

    It is not a good idea to go into a relationship with a quid pro quo of "if i don't like him anymore, I'll just leave and find another". It is healthier for everyone to take your time and be sure of your choice in a relationship. Does that mean it will work out? No, but at least you're not standing with one foot in the relationship and the other foot out.

    Just my opinion! :o)


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