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Friday, October 28, 2011

And in other news. stop the presses

Every day I start my morning with the headlines and news from Yahoo. I think it is important to keep up on current world events. I like to think I am well read.
They cover a range of topics. Sports, entertainment, news, slice of life. Health tips. You name it and it is there. I really can't afford to not read it. It truly is information that I need for my life.
Below is an example of news I just have to have.


Lindsay Lohan's dad accused of battering girlfriend in Fla. says she's looking for money

TAMPA, Fla. - The estranged father of actress Lindsay Lohan made his first appearance in court on domestic violence charges.
Michael Lohan walked out of the jail Wednesday afternoon. Bail had been set at $5,000.
The 51-year-old Lohan told reporters he "didn't do anything" and this was his girlfriend's way of making money.
Lohan is accused of grabbing his on-and-off girlfriend and pushing her down multiple times during an argument at her Tampa condo Sunday. The judge told Lohan to stay away from 28-year-old Kate Major.
Authorities say Lohan went to Major's condo and that she decided to let him stay even though she had a temporary domestic violence injunction against him in Sarasota County.

And in other news:

Cynthia Gaga, the mother of Lady Gaga, had a cavity and had to go to the dentist. As usual,she like the rest of us had to wait 30 minutes.  The cavity was filled without incident.

Thomas Gosling, the father of Ryan bowled a 200 game at the local alley this week. It was the first time he had achieved this milestone as he had been in a long slump previously.  He chalked it up to the new bowling ball his wife got him for his birthday.  A spokesman for the Gosling family was quoted as saying "he got one of those new balls that senses the gutter and goes in the other direction".

Marian Robinson, the mother of Michele Obama, was fined $200 and must appear in court because of an incident with their dog, which they were pet sitting for The Obama's while the first couple was out saving the world. The dog, which has never been trained properly, pooped on a Chicago street and a Sean Connery lookalike policeman was quoted as saying "We don't let dogs poop on the street. In Chicago, a presidents dog poops on your street, you shit on his mother in law. That is the Chicago way".

Yahoo news, you complete me.

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