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Sunday, October 23, 2011

The Up Sell

Everywhere you go it happens.

Would you like to upgrade from a large to extra large? It's only a dollar more.
Do you have a points card? There is big savings if you get one.
If you want, we can upgrade you from a regular member to a preferred customer? You get many more benefits.
Would you like to donate 2 dollars to the Sick Kids fund?

Here is a news flash for all you annoying businesses that have decided this is the way to operate your business: I JUST WANT MY EFFING STUFF! Stop trying to sell me what I don't want and waste my time in the process. You just piss me off more and more each time you do this. I have enough with the telemarketers. I don't need added aggravation.
I don't want to super size whatever it is you are up selling, I want to downsize your pushy attitude.
If you don't I can assure you that you are not super sizing your business, you are downsizing your customer base. I for one will not go back if your "customer service rep" continues to ignore my wish to just be served.

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